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Yeeees, I'm actually back from the dead!  I know I haven't submitted any "deviations" to my account in, oooh...hell, I don't even KNOW how long!  Which means it's been too long, really. 

I probably do have stuff that I can post, but I've already had to go through, every single time I sign on, and block MORONS who have faved my works without first commenting (in an intelligent, positive and respectful way).  And I made it entirely too clear that, if people fave n' run on my works, I don't care whether they like them or are just hoping (through deception) to garner page views OR are looking to steal, I WILL block and delete them!  And I have lived up to that every...single...time.  I say what I mean, and I mean what I say.

Meanwhile, I have submitted a new fan fiction for those who are interested.  Those of you who love Universal Studios' 1995 animated film "Balto", and/or are fans of the great British author Charles Dickens, and specifically of his work "A Christmas Carol", might find my fiction interesting and entertaining reading!  It's a sort of crossover/reboot, combining the two stories and their characters.  Have a look in my gallery!  Constructive comments would be much appreciated!

I am not the most active person on here, to be frank.  I have long since been jaded with DeviantArt and the reticence of its staff to handle clear cases of abuse, flaming, baiting, theft, etc. (whether it has been against me or others).  And I'm sick of all the brat kids and teens (and adults) they foreign or domestic, who seem to think that material posted on the internet is theirs for the taking (and altering), even if it was created by someone else, and then act either with aggressive and defensive behavior, or "It's just the internet, so what?" or "gee, I didn't know, sorry" when they are caught in the act and confronted.  Especially when even other sites, to which these brats post stolen material, also fail to act upon it and remove the stolen material for the sake of the copyright owner (intellectual or registered copyright, it doesn't matter).

So I may still be posting stuff from time to time.  And blocking more idiots who fave n' run.  And looking at other material.  And responding to and sending private notes.  I'm not dead.  :rofl:
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February 20, 2016


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